Characteristics of SRC funding

The strategic research funding is intended for extensive, multidisciplinary research consortia that carry out research with an emphasis on active interaction and engagement with knowledge users.

The funding instrument for strategic research provides funding to long-term multidisciplinary research that seeks solutions to the challenges facing Finnish society. The funding also supports the regeneration and competitiveness of business and industry and the development of working life and the Finnish public sector. At the same time, the funding instrument contributes to developing a method for improved evidence-based policy and for disseminating high-quality research knowledge across society.

Characteristics of strategic research funding:

  • Funding may only be granted to consortia. The consortia must follow the consortium structure as required by the SRC.
  • Funding can be used to cover the salary of the consortium PI for the duration of the funding period. The SRC requires that consortium PIs commit themselves with a sufficient level of input to heading the consortium.
  • The consortia should work towards a balanced gender composition.
  • The funding follows the full cost model and the SRC’s funding contribution comes to 100%.
  • Solving societal challenges requires not only research but also interaction aimed at societal impact between researchers and knowledge users through the whole course of the project.

The funded consortia form a thematic programme, and the SRC grants separate funding to the coordinating programme director. The funding decisions are made by the SRC, which is an independent body established within the Research Council of Finland. The SRC also monitors funded projects and assesses their impact. See the SRC members.

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