Policy briefs

Policy briefs offer research-based information to support decision-making. SRC-funded projects produce a huge amount of research knowledge about Finnish society, and this knowledge should be passed on to policymakers so that it can be used, for example, in the preparation of legislation. A policy brief is a good tool for supporting science communication and promoting the social impact of research.

Below you will find policy briefs produced by SRC-funded projects in English. You can also use the search function on the website to search for policy brief. More policy briefs are available in Finnish on our Finnish web pages. The newest policy briefs are also listed to our online service ratkaisujatieteesta.fi

What makes a good policy brief? How can policy briefs influence decision-making? Read more: impact of policy briefs and tips from SRC-funded projects.

Policy briefs in English

Carbon-smart Urban Green Infrastructure as a Climate Solution (5/2023) (pdf)
carbon-smartness, urban green, urban nature, climate change mitigation, multifunctional carbon handprint

Democratic innovations - a cure for semocratic deficits? (9/2021) (pdf)
democracy, democratic innovations, civic participation, cooperation, crownsourcing

Circular economy as a success factor (5/2021) (pdf)
circular economy, urban policy, regional planning, industrial policy, towns and cities

School Meals 2030 - How to halve the climate impact (3/2021) (pdf)

Moving Towards Climate Budgeting in Cities (3/2021) (pdf)
climate budgeting, carbon neutral, municipalities, cities, climate

Just food system transition requires a policy bringing together different objectives and a broad range of stakeholders (10/2020) (pdf)
food system, transition, climate change, justice

Join the circular economy celebration (9/2020) (pdf) circular economy, sustainability, agency, individuals, organisations

Globally responsible locally responsive (1/2020) (pdf) participatory governance, natural resources, local, global, social relations

Promoting circular economy requires cross-silo collaboration (2020) (pdf)
circular economy, CE, sustainability, stakeholder cooperation

Peatlands in the EU (2020) (pdf) peatlands, European Union, agriculture policy, sustainability

ALL-YOUTH Masterclass: Recommendations to The Finnish Government (2/2019) (pdf)
rule of law, participation, youth, human rights, Council of Europe

How does the LULUCF Regulation affect EU forest management (1/2019) (pdf) LULUCF, sustainable forest management, land use, European Union, EU Member States, climate change mitigation

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