Security and trust in the age of algorithms (SHIELD)

This SRC programme focuses on security and trust in the age of information technology and hybrid influencing. In addition to more traditional security threats, threats and opportunities created by digitalisation and technological development as well as different crises from biodiversity loss to climate change, financial crises and power-political conflicts are shaping our operating environment in unpredictable ways. People’s trust in each other, in public authorities and the welfare state with their safety nets and in the functioning of the processes are key strengths of a democratic society that are being challenged by these change factors. The better we understand the changes and their dynamics, the better we can both block the security threats they pose and discern the spectrum of new opportunities. Through multidisciplinary and interactive research, the programme seeks to build a wide-ranging knowledge base and expertise to identify and block security threats that undermine trust and to strengthen crisis management and resilience. A comprehensive understanding of the operating logic and interdependencies of the change factors supports risk management and enables new types of research-based, sustainable solutions to improve preparedness.

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  • Tuomas Katajarinne, Science Adviser, tel. +358 29 533 5067, firstname.lastname(at)

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