Valuable breakages: repair and renewal of algorithmic systems (REPAIR)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

REPAIR explores trust and security in the age of algorithms with the lens offered by breakdown and renewal. Starting from the observation that otherwise invisible practices and infrastructures become visible when they fail, we examine algorithmic systems from the perspective of breakages in order to trace pathways towards their renewal. Drawing from a variety of empirical cases, we offer collaborative models and practical guidance for building and renewing algorithmic systems to serve the key values of Nordic welfare societies: equality, openness, autonomy and participation. The consortium benefits from a broad mix of disciplinary expertise (sociology, anthropology, data analytics, consumer research, science and technology studies, knowledge management, social policy, law, and practical philosophy) of researchers from Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, and LUT University. Demos Helsinki coordinates our close collaboration with companies and stakeholders across societal sectors.

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  • Consortium's website Repair
  • Consortium PI: Minna Ruckenstein, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki, firstname.lastname(at)

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