Environmental and Social Links to Biodiversity Loss (BIOD)

This strategic research programme focuses on biodiversity as a prerequisite for welfare and on how the loss of biodiversity can be halted and ecosystems revived through research-informed solutions. The functional capacity of our society and the viability of our environment are built on biodiversity and functional ecosystems. Although biodiversity itself has been extensively studied both in Finland and globally, and although measures have been taken, we have not been able to stop biodiversity loss. How can we halt the loss of biodiversity? Are we already familiar with all relevant impacts of human activities on biodiversity? And what are the environmental and social links to biodiversity loss? The identification and implementation of the measures quired to halt biodiversity loss and to reverse it require multidisciplinary and interactive research.

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  • Tuomas Katajarinne, Science Adviser, tel. +358 29 533 5067, firstname.lastname(at)aka.fi

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