Biodiversity offsetting as an operational tool for a just sustainability transition towards no net loss of ecosystems and biodiversity (BOOST)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

Globally there is unequivocal scientific consensus about the ongoing environmental crisis and a strong political ambition to halt biodiversity loss. Still, we have systematically failed: none of the global biodiversity targets designed to stop biodiversity loss by 2020 were met. To support the halting of biodiversity loss, we will facilitate the mainstreaming and enabling of just transition towards adoption of biodiversity offsetting. Offsetting is about compensating biodiversity losses due to ecologically harmful development. More specifically, we will formulate a feasible approach to offsetting and implement software and a national offset register for doing the calculations, reporting and monitoring at a project, organization and city level. We will establish Living Labs to examine offset requirements in city land use and scrutinize the systemic changes needed in the Finnish environmental law to allow the adoption of a comprehensive legally binding biodiversity offsetting system.

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