Biodiversity Respectful Leadership (BIODIFUL)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

Due to the accelerating biodiversity crisis, the future of humanity is threatened. Reversing nature’s ongoing deterioration requires transformative change, i.e. leadership at multiple levels. Accordingly, the objective of BIODIFUL is to facilitate the transformation towards biodiversity-respectful activity via individual (i.e. consumer-level), organisational (i.e. business-level), and societal (i.e. institutional) leadership. Empirically, BIODIFUL examines biodiversity-respectful leadership in food system and nature-based recreation. BIODIFUL operates in an inter- and transdisciplinary consortium combining natural and human sciences (biodiversity research, sustainability science, management, leadership, consumer research and marketing, futures studies and food science) across four Finnish universities/research institutes with an engaged societal co-creation network. As societal outcomes, BIODIFUL develops a multilevel leadership framework, an engaging movement, and a Leadership Forum.

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