Pandemics as a Challenge for Society (PANDEMICS)

This strategic research programme focuses on the crises caused by pandemics and their wide-ranging social impacts. Anticipation and prevention of pandemic crises, safeguarding the functioning of society, decision-making on measures to be taken and post-crisis reconstruction require comprehensive research-based solutions. As the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic shows, the prevention of pandemic threats and securing the carrying capacity of healthcare may require not only medical and public health measures but also extensive societal measures and restrictions. Such measures may require decision-making with insufficient information and making tough choices between potentially incommensurable factors. The consequences are far-reaching, for example in social, health and economic terms, both for individuals and for the wider society. How do we safeguard the Finnish welfare society from pandemics and support the post-crisis recovery? Research in this programme will create research-based solutions and multidisciplinary expertise to solve the societal challenges posed by pandemics, promoting the core tasks, operational security and citizen security of the welfare state.

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  • Jyrki Hakapää, Senior Science Adviser, tel. +358 29 533 5020, firstname.lastname(at)

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