Resistant Cities: Urban Planning as Means for Pandemic Prevention (RECIPE)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

Despite many previous and recent pandemic outbreaks in urban areas and rapid global urbanization, consideration of infectious disease prevention in urban planning has largely been neglected. The RECIPE project explores the role of urban living environments and the potential of urban planning in anticipation and prevention of infectious diseases and thus pandemic outbreaks. The project combines expertise from the fields of environmental research, environmental health, history, information studies, public health, and urban planning. The project engages citizens, SMEs, planners and health professionals, cross-sectional institutions, and decision makers. The widely applicable results provide new scientific knowledge of the linkages between urban living environments and health, deepen societal understanding of the linkages, develop tools and methods for resistant urban planning, and encourage cross-sectoral discussions and integrative policies between urban planning and health sectors.

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