Health, Welfare and Lifestyles (HEALTH)

Research under this theme shall give special attention to mechanisms that, drawing on the results of scientific research over the past decades, can bring about permanent changes in people’s behaviour. There is an abundance of information about health and wellbeing, but people in Finland are not following experts’ lifestyle recommendations. There is also an abundance of knowledge about lifestyles that promote health and wellbeing, but that knowledge is not put to good enough use. A central concern under this theme is to identify different types of groups and their special interests and motivating factors. It is essential to consider the international context and cooperation: What successes have other countries had in the area of health and wellbeing, what lessons have been learned and what could be transferred or applied to Finland?

Research under this theme shall provide more information on how resources could be transferred from the treatment to the prevention of diseases. Research is needed so that information about health and wellbeing can be tailored in such a way that it better reaches and motivates different groups. The aim is to ensure that the information provided is taken on board and that it translates into health and wellbeing at all stages of the life cycle. In addition, the research can tackle questions related to the role and responsibilities of authorities. What impact do different instruments of influence and different solutions have, and what is their social acceptability? How can individuals be sustainably encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own health?


Stop Diabetes – Knowledge-Based Solutions (StopDia)
Consortium PI: Jussi Pihlajamäki, University of Eastern Finland

Consortium's composition: University of Eastern Finland, Institute for Health and Welfare, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Evidence-Based Health Promotion @Work (Promo@Work)
Consortium PI: Jaana Laitinen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Consortium's composition: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Tampere University, University of Oulu, University of Cologne

Inclusive Promotion of Health and Wellbeing (PROMEQ)
Consortium PI: Marja Vaarama, University of Eastern Finland

Consortium's composition: University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University, Finnish Youth Research Society, University of Jyväskylä, University of Lapland, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy

Transferring Child and Adolescent Mental Health Treatment to Awareness, Prevention and Early Intervention (APEX)
Consortium PI: Andre Sourander, University of Turku

Consortium's composition: University of Turku, University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, IWK Health Centre

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  • Programme Director Eveliina Saari, Senior Researcher, docent firstname.lastname(at)

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