Economic and social sustainability across time and space in an ageing society (SustAgeable)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

Population ageing undermines the economic sustainability of the welfare state. Challenges of fiscal sustainability put current benefit schemes and public services at risk, raising concerns of impairing social sustainability. In SustAgeable consortium, we seek solutions to protect and promote well-being of the population while restoring the economic sustainability of the welfare state. We focus on 1) distribution of well-being and resources across geographical areas, generations and population groups, 2) cost-containment of public spending on social and health care services, 3) opportunities to increase employment through prolonging working careers and promoting immigrants’ integration, 4) management of caring responsibilities, and 5) local variations in ageing trends due to immigration and urbanisation. We produce evidence on how successfully policies mitigate the undesired effects of population ageing on public revenues and spending, polarization and well-being.

More information

  • Consortium's website SustAgeable
  • Consortium PI Ismo Linnosmaa (acting), University of Eastern Finland; Maria Vaalavuo, Research Manager, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, firstname.lastname(at) (on leave 8.3.-31.12.) 

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