Life course and economic implications of demographic change

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

The research project provides a broad understanding of the causes, consequences and solutions relating to population ageing that is causing sustainability problems for the welfare state. It focuses on various phases of the individual life course, including family formation, working life and health and care at the end of life. It also focuses on implications of demographic changes for the macroeconomy and public finances. The project consortium includes the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Etla Economic Research and the University of Helsinki. The research will be performed using register and macro-level data and statistical methods that can rigorously address the time trends and direction of the associations between factors. Key stakeholders are involved as interaction partners in the project. The project will provide policy recommendations that will help to ensure the sustainability of the welfare state and increase individual, societal and intergenerational wellbeing.

More information

  • Consortium's website LIFECON
  • Consortium PI Taina Leinonen, Senior researcher, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, firstname.lastname(at)

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