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27 Oct 2021

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) established within the Academy of Finland has opened an online survey on 27 October to collect and develop theme proposals for a strategic research programme to be launched in 2023. Strategic research refers to long-term and scientifically high-level research aimed at finding solutions to major challenges facing Finnish society.

The survey is open from 27 October to 11 November 2021.

What makes a good theme?

The goal of the survey is to identify themes that

  • are key challenges for the future of Finland
  • require multidisciplinary research to generate new knowledge
  • are horizontal and extensively affect different sectors of society
  • are sufficiently distinct in relation to previous themes.

The aim is also to develop new, proactive combinations of know-how and research as well as a long-term approach that will carry through the six-year programme period. The survey does not seek individual research topics but multidisciplinary wholes that meet the above characteristics of a good theme. It is also good to take into account the types of research questions that have already been funded under SRC programmes.

The theme preparation is a kind of foresighting exercise. Respondents are encouraged to consider theme proposals in a broad perspective, focusing on major societal challenges. The aim is to identify long-term information needs and themes in society where new multidisciplinary and impactful research is needed in order to build a better future.

In previous years, the SRC has submitted at least two themes for decision by the Finnish Government and, following the Government’s decision, launched new SRC programmes. However, cuts have been proposed to the funding of strategic research, which would have an impact as of 2023. Preparations have therefore been made taking into account that the SRC would submit only one theme proposal to the Government.

Submit your idea by 11 November – you can also add hashtags

The survey will be carried out on the Viima platform, which enables respondents not only to submit their own proposals but also to comment on and discuss other proposals. Ideally, it is hoped that the discussion will lead to cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary proposals that open-mindedly combine new combinations of know-how and research as well as interaction. This year, respondents can also add hashtags to the proposals, which makes it possible to examine proposals by theme.

The SRC will make use of the proposals now being collected in the theme preparation for future programmes. The collected proposals can also be used in planning the SRC’s and the Academy of Finland’s programmes in the coming years. The survey data will be kept at the Academy for possible reuse. If possible, the data will also be stored at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) for research and teaching purposes. All data archived at the FSD will be anonymised. The Academy of Finland and the SRC reserve the right to edit and/or discard proposals.

To participate in the survey, respondents must either create a Viima account or sign in with their LinkedIn or Google accounts, for example.

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