Solution cards

The solution cards present the whole range of strategic research through a phenomenon-oriented approach. The deck of cards supports policymakers, rapporteurs, the media and all those interested in solving societal challenges. The English version of the solution cards was initially produced for Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2019. The English deck is a condensed version of the Finnish one.

The website, opened in October 2021, presents the solution cards in digital format. The site provides a new pathway to results and solutions produced in SRC-funded research. The digital solutions cards help in finding research-based solutions to major societal challenges, the latest policy briefs and experts with the latest research knowledge.

Visit the new website and find your way to results from strategic research (the site is in Finnish)

Download the English version of the printed solution cards (PDF).

Click here to access the Finnish printed version of the solution cards.

Find social media updates about solutions from science with #RatkaisujaTieteestä.

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