Sufficiency solutions for a resilient, green, and just Finland (SISU)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

SISU seeks to harness the untapped potential of sufficiency solutions. The objective is to ensure that the green transition and basic welfare state promises can be realized even in conditions where the economy does not grow. Actions are:

  • Simulating green transition and sufficiency scenarios using a new ecological macroeconomic model,
  • Examining vulnerable groups’ future orientations using register data and interviews,
  • Identifying ways to maintain citizens' trust in societal institutions during a green transition, with comparative analysis and Delphi workshops,
  • Co-creating new anticipatory beliefs to drive sufficiency through novel Heritage Futures Workshops, and
  • Engaging Finnish society in a discussion of sufficiency solutions through transition arenas.

The SISU offers innovative perspectives on the safe implementation of sufficiency solutions across scales and sectors, helping to achieve a more resilient Finland that can secure wellbeing within planetary boundaries.

More information

  • Consortium PI Arto Salonen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland,

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