Sufficiency solutions for a resilient, green, and just Finland (SISU)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

SISU seeks to harness the untapped potential of sufficiency solutions for a just green transition in Finland, to address overconsumption and to enhance societal wellbeing and resilience. Key actions include:

  • Simulating green transition and sufficiency scenarios using a new ecological macroeconomic model;
  • Examining vulnerable groups’ future orientations using register data and interviews;
  • Identifying ways to maintain citizens' trust in societal institutions during a green transition, with comparative analysis and Delphi workshops;
  • Co-creating new anticipatory beliefs to drive sufficiency through novel Heritage Futures Workshops; and
  • Engaging Finnish society in a discussion of sufficiency solutions through transition arenas. The SISU project offers innovative perspectives on the safe implementation of sufficiency solutions across scales and sectors, helping to achieve a more resilient and determined Finland that can maintain wellbeing within planetary boundaries.

More information

  • Consortium PI Arto Salonen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland,

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