Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

The project focuses on the interdisciplinary analysis of the role and impact of legal systems on sustainability transformation. Sustainability transformation refers to the achievement of ambitious climate, biodiversity, and environmental status goals within this decade, but in such a way that the central values protected by the Finnish and the European Union legal systems are safeguarded. Such values include, for example, democratic decision-making, the division of powers between different public and private actors in society, and competitive markets. The project is in close collaboration with established legislative and strategic processes prepared by the public authorities, as well as on updating the strategies of pioneering companies and civic actors. The project seeks to clarify the roles of public authorities and private actors in sustainability transformation and produces a methodical toolkit for evaluating the impact of legal systems on the said transformation.

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  • Consortium PI Niko Soininen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland,

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