Reconceptualizing Boundaries Together Towards Resilient and Just Arctic Future(s) (REBOUND)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

The proposed project REBOUND contributes to the social and economic challenges in the Arctic driven by climate change, biodiversity loss, and related land use changes. A critical social science perspective on the so-called planetary boundaries framework concept has been called for. REBOUND argues that for just green transition to succeed, it is necessary to know first what ‘justice’ means for different actors: How risks, benefits, and “significant harms” are perceived and distributed; and whose needs, views and rights are recognized in these processes. Co-development method can turn environmental challenges into opportunities and contribute to socioecologicalresilience. REBOUND’s novel participatory approach can guide a way toward just and resilient futures. The focus is on northern Finland, where land use change, driven by national climate goals and changed geopolitical situation trying to fulfill energy transformation needs, is already causing conflicts at the local level.

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  • Consortium PI Tanja Joona, Senior Researcher, University of Lapland,

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