Enabling multispecies transitions of cities and regions (MUST)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

MUST will create a new approach to planning nature-based solutions such as urban and regional forests, parks, gardens across cities and regions to benefit humans and other species. Our vision is that government, industry and citizens can contribute towards restoring biodiversity in a just and resilient manner contributing to the green transition. Drawing on three study sites in Finland and global cases from Indonesia and Wales, we will create: i) multi-sensory (audio, visual) learning programs that enable industries and citizens to learn how to protect biodiversity in socially and environmentally responsible ways; ii) integrated valuation approaches enabling government bodies and companies to make decisions based on the needs of humans and other species; iii) governance structures enabling government and industry to coherently report on biodiversity strategies and iv) a capacity building program enabling biodiversity conservation actions among stakeholder groups.

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  • Consortium PI Christopher Raymond, Professor, University of Helsinki firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi

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