Infrastructure/institutions match for resilient & just green electrification (2IMATCH)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

This consortium examines how green electrification can deliver a more resilient energy system and society in an increasingly uncertain world. Green electrification offers considerable resilience benefits since it uses domestically available renewable resources and will have a networked structure combining effective large-scale infrastructures with small-scale decentralized ones. However, the system brings new vulnerabilities related to the use of electricity throughout the society, reliance on cross-border electricity interconnectors and large amounts of data, and the effects of new energy geopolitics. We propose that reaping the benefits whilst restraining the new vulnerabilities requires new and refurbished energy infrastructure; and institutional adaptation and innovation. For this end, we combine expertise in energy and environmental modelling; legal and political analyses including interdisciplinary security research; and sustainable business research.

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