Healthy Lifestyles to Boost Sustainable Growth (STYLE)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

The Healthy Lifestyles to Boost Sustainable Growth (STYLE) project combines objective measurements of citizens’ physical activity with interventions aiming at increased physical activity and modal shift from cars to more sustainable modes of transport, walking and cycling. We generate new knowledge by analyzing together the measurements with the databases of national travel surveys and urban fabrics. Urban fabrics and new mobility services have an important effect on the set of alternatives that the citizens can choose from. Moreover, the STYLE project will dig deeper to fundamental human motives and emotions that drive human choices. Knowledge of the physical activity and travel behavior trends and scenarios of the future are essential information to businesses providing services for physical activity and mobility management, as well as infrastructure building. The STYLE project will invite surprising combinations of actors for generating synergetic business ecosystems.

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