Just transition: Tackling inequalities on the way to a sustainable, healthy and climate-neutral food system (JUST-FOOD)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

JUST-FOOD explores and develops means for making the transition to a sustainable, healthy and climate-neutral food system just and socially acceptable. It conceptualises and operationalises just transition and supports policy making by producing knowledge about the conditions for just transition and tools for evaluating and fostering it. The transdisciplinary project combines theoretical food justice scholarship with environmental research, economics, and social and nutrition sciences. The existing sustainability transition research has focused on examining the means, not social impacts, of transitions. This creates a risk that the food system transition solves some problems but creates many others: social inequalities, health disparities, and outsourced environmental harms. JUST-FOOD brings the ethical aspects to the forefront of food system and transition studies. It engages stakeholders in the knowledge co-creation and in practical interventions that foster just transition.

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