From Failand to Winland (Winland)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

Welcome to Failand! The country where conventional food and energy supplies do not work and security is in shatters. Or would you rather travel to Winland, a country where resilient planning and policy-making processes have prevented such a catastrophe from occurring? Our research project ‘From Failand to Winland’ provides an insight to both of these possible futures with the help of scenario, decision analysis and co-creation methods. Our project studies how water, food and energy related pressures, shocks and policy responses affect Finland’s overall security. We will also look at how resilient our systems and policy-making processes actually are to food and energy security related risks and threats, and based on analysis develop key messages and recommendations for the key stakeholders in different sectors of our society. Follow our research through Twitter (@WINlandFI), our website, newsletter or social media (hashtag #WINlandFI).

Public description of the results at the end of the project

Winland project investigated Finnish energy, food and water security utilising multi- and transdisciplinary research and co-creation with key stakeholders. The project examined how pressures and shocks and political decision making related to energy, food and water may affect Finnish comprehensive security now and in the future. Key challenges related to energy, food and water security where often found to reside on the interfaces between the three themes and their sectors, which underlines the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration. Even though several multi-stakeholder networks and platforms for this purpose exist in Finland, security and sustainable use of natural resources are not approached together. Security and preparedness activities are focused on maintaining and conserving (“bounce back resilience”), while ensuring sustainability demands increasingly transformative views (“bounce forward resilience)” that may demand even radical change in the current systems. To support this transition, the project for example developed a foresight model for sustainable security that combines preparedness and ensuring long term security. 

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