Leaving No One Lost in Transition: Citizens and the Legitimacy of Finland’s Transition to a Carbon Neutral Welfare State (2035Legitimacy)

Finland’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2035 is ambitious but achievable, and research is emerging concerning economic and technological options to implement it. However, the social and legitimacy dimensions of the carbon neutrality target have received much less attention. The 2035Legitimacy project is designed to address this important gap.

The project builds on the assumption that the societal transformation needed to achieve the 2035 carbon neutrality goal cannot be imposed on a democratic society; it  requires widespread social support. The project will rely on multidisciplinary collaboration to study the legitimacy of Finland’s 2035 carbon neutrality transition and opportunities to address related challenges, especially from the perspective of private citizens.  

The project engages an extensive network of interaction partners and stakeholders representing state and municipal authorities, as well as academic, industry, labor and civil society organizations.

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    • Consortium PI Kati Kulovesi, Professor, University of Eastern Finland, firstname.lastname(at)uef.fi 

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