61 letters of intent submitted to SRC programme calls

12 Jan 2023

The first stage of the Strategic Research Council’s (SRC) call for the 2023 programmes closed on 11 January. The two programmes attracted a total of 61 letters of intent. The letters of intent were submitted as follows:

  • 21 letters of intent to SRC programme Energy Solutions as Part of a Just Green Transition (JUST ENERGY)
  • 40 letters of intent to SRC programme Societal Solutions in a Just Green Transition (JUST TRANSITION)

Next, review panels will assess the letters of intent for their scientific quality, societal relevance and impact. They will also consider how well the letters of intent match the programmes. The SRC will decide the projects that will go through to the second call stage in mid-March (tentative schedule).

More information

Call texts for two new strategic research programmes out now (press release 4.11.2022)

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