108 letters of intent submitted to the strategic research programme call

23 Jan 2019

The Strategic Research Council’s (SRC) call for letters of intent for the 2019 programmes closed on Wednesday 23 January. The SRC received a total of 108 letters of intent within the four programmes included in the call: 28 letters of intent for the Innovative Materials and Services to Promote Resource Wisdom and Sustainable Development programme, 32 letters of intent for the Evolving Role of Public Authority and the Potential for Steering Society programme, 26 letters of intent for the Culture in an Increasingly Technologically Driven Society programme, and 22 letters of intent for the Towards a Sustainable, Healthy and Climate-Neutral Food System programme.

What’s next?

Review panels will assess the applications for their societal relevance, impact and scientific quality. They will also consider how well the applications match the programme objectives. The SRC will decide the projects that will go through to the second stage of the call by the end of March.

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