Multi-benefit solutions to climate-smart agriculture (MULTA)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

Food system is facing a huge challenge. It should contribute significantly to the mitigation of climate change while producing healthy food sustainably for a growing population. Farming causes the majority of climate impacts in the food system. Sequestering atmospheric carbon to the soil is a great opportunity for the food system to address the climate crisis. Climate-smart agriculture offers also many other benefits. It improves productivity, enhances soil health, and increases biodiversity, resiliency, food quality and retention of nutrients and water. To this end, we i) design climate-smart agricultural solutions beneficial to food system, ii) test their application in farm scale, iii) develop a verification system for the carbon sequestration and iv) develop economic measures and policies implement the solutions in Finland and abroad. We utilize co-design and interaction with farmers, companies and policy-makers to drive systemic change in our food system.

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