Citizens as agents of change in decarbonizing suburban and rural housing (DECARBON-HOME)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

The key objective of Decarbon-Home is to reduce equitably the climate impacts of the Finnish housing system and building stock, focusing on the suburbs and the rural peripheries. The project aims to address intertwined climate and societal challenges, and to accelerate the transition to climate-wise housing in Finland and in other countries facing similar problems. The six consortium partners collaborate closely in implementing four research-oriented WPs: 1) Citizens’ and communities’ agentic capacities for climate-wise housing; 2) Preconditions for, and constraints of, adopting climate-wise housing solutions, posed by socio-spatial segregation, values and attitudes; 3) Developing tools and solutions with municipalities and other stakeholders to enhance the transition to climate-wise housing; 4) Enhancing citizen agency in low-carbon experimentation, transition management and policy co-design. Interaction and co-creation are the ways in which we work, across all WPs.

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