Nudging for climate: Using behavioral sciences for steering communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fortify carbon sinks (CLIMATE-NUDGE)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

CLIMATE-NUDGE consortium applies behavioral sciences, especially nudge theory, to help individuals to make climate friendly decisions. The idea is to alter choice architecture to steer individuals towards better choices for them and for society without limiting freedom.

The nudges co-created and tested together with the stakeholders will focus on 1) decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in transport sector and 2) optimizing use of carbon storages in forest sector. The effects of nudges will be compared with the effects of more traditional societal steering methods, such as taxation.

To ensure creation of fair and acceptable actions, rigorous ethical evaluation is embedded in the process. Impacts for economic and health effects will be assessed. This multidisciplinary project delivers human-centric, scalable, cost-effective, health-promoting and ethically sustainable nudging alternatives that complement traditional steering actions to mitigate climate change.

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