Strategic Research Council grants continued funding to consortia in SRC programmes CLIMATE and LITERACY

13 Jun 2023

In its meeting on 12 June 2023, the Strategic Research Council (SRC) granted continued funding to nine consortia and two programme directors in the following SRC programmes:

  • Climate Change and Humans (CLIMATE, 2020–2026)
  • Information Literacy and Evidence Informed Decision-Making (LITERACY, 2020–2026).

Senior Advisor Paula Schönach from Aalto University will continue as programme director of the CLIMATE programme, and Research Director Jarmo Viteli from Tampere University will continue as programme director of the LITERACY programme. As a rule, the consortia funded under SRC programmes run for six years, but the funding is granted in two three-year periods. Funding for a second funding period is granted based on an application for continued funding and the activities during the first period.

The consortia that were granted continued funding were launched in October 2020 and now received funding until September 2026. The amount of continued funding for each consortium is 80 per cent of the funding for the first period. The funding granted in the two programmes totalled 27 million euros, on average 3 million euros per consortium.


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