Scientists behind the research

Scientists behind the research

Based on nominations made by the Academy of Finland, the President of the Republic of Finland may confer the honorary title of Academician to highly distinguished Finnish or foreign scientists and scholars. The title of Academician can be held by no more than sixteen Finnish scientists and scholars at a time.

In order to be considered for a research post as Academy Professor, applicants must have demonstrated their skills and competencies in research and be regarded as contributing to the progress of research within their own field. Research posts as Academy Professor are intended for fixed-term, full-time research work.

The goal of the Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) funding programme is to strengthen scientific knowledge and know-how in Finland, add a more international element to the Finnish research system, and support research-driven profiling of universities and research institutes. The programme supports universities and research institutes in hiring foreign professor-level researchers or Finnish professor-level researchers who have long worked abroad to conduct research in Finland for a fixed period.

Research posts as Academy Research Fellow offer researchers an opportunity to gain competence for the most demanding research posts or other expert positions after the postdoctoral research stage. The post is intended for independent scientific work in accordance with a set research plan.

The aim of the funding for research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher is to advance the professional competence of the most promising researchers who have recently earned their doctorate.

The funding for a research post as clinical researcher is a funding opportunity provided by the Academy of Finland to support part-time research by physicians and other researchers engaged in clinical practice. The aim is to promote clinical research careers in cooperation with, for example, university hospitals, and to encourage medical doctors working in clinical practice to engage in research so that they can continue pursuing their research career while in specialist training, alongside clinical practice.

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