The Human Mind (MIND)

The Academy Programme The Human Mind (MIND) studied the mind and its neural mechanisms within a cultural and social context. The aim of the programme was to support excellent and multidisciplinary research, bring together researchers from a number of different research fields, and combine methodologies and promote networking both nationally and internationally.

The programme's research themes covered areas such as mind development, growth and learning, the ageing mind, mind health and disease, creativity, experiences, emotions, human interaction, and cultural encounters and collisions.

The results of the research had potential applications in many current issues and challenges, such as teaching practices for children and adults, child welfare, the diagnosis and treatment of social disruptions, the care of older people with memory problems and the rehabilitation of people with mental or neurological disorders.

Research on the human mind may provide us with significant socially advantageous results that, in the best case, will increase human wellbeing and improve the quality of life, in addition to providing economic benefits.

The Academy Programme The Human Mind consisted of 22 research projects. The programme budget was 13.4 million euros for 2013–2016.

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