Networking Event for the Academy’s Key Project Researchers

Networking Event for the Academy’s Key Project Researchers

Date: 17.10.2017

Event was ment for researchers who got key project funding from the Academy Finland 2016 and wish to find further tools for utilization of the research results.

Presentations and videos

Impacting with research on European level and from ERA perspective (pdf), Petteri Kauppinen, Councellor, Ministry of Education and Culture


Role of AKA in supporting impact of research (pdf), Riitta Maijala, Vice President for Research, the Academy of Finland

Practicalities related to the key projects: use of funds, monitoring and reporting(pdf), Hannele Lahtinen, Senior Science Advisor, Academy Programme Unit

Communication activities, Dissemination of project results (pdf), Aino Laine, Communication Coordinator, the Academy of Finland

Research for the evidence-based decision-making and societal interaction(pdf), Timo Aarrevaara, University of Lapland, ProSoc research team

Case: Health Capital Helsinki and its services (pdf) (Tuula Palmen, HCH)

From TekesMatch to OpenMatch? – Tekes future funding possibilities for research in brief, Tuomo Suortti, Tekes

Experiences, challenges and highlights of invited Key Projects with potential societal impact – Panel discussion, Facilitator: Mikael Hilden, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)-Strategic Research Council

Invited project PIs: Sampsa Hautaniemi and Kirsi Mikkonen (University of Helsinki), Robin Ras (Aalto University) and Taina Välimaa (University of Oulu)

  • What is the nature of the significant societal impact
  • What steps lead to the desired impacts? Which are the main challenges?
  • What support is needed in order to progress, but still missing?
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