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This project develops novel approaches to prevent social exclusion. We take the full advantage of Finland’s remarkable data infrastructure to identify the mechanisms behind social exclusion and to evaluate the long-term impacts of past policy reforms. Furthermore, we will combine the expertise of economists, psychologists, educational researchers and caseworkers of an innovative NGO to design new research-based interventions. Importantly, we will test the efficiency of these interventions by conducting largescale randomised field experiments. Particular emphasis is given to easing the transition from compulsory to secondary education among the most vulnerable population groups (such as children coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds). The interventions will be designed in a way that, if found efficient, they can be adopted to become part of the basic public services.

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  • Consortium's website
  • Consorium PI Tuomas Pekkarinen, Senior Researcher, VATT Institute for Economic Research, firstname.lastname(at)

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