Strategic research is solution-oriented research. This means that it is aimed at finding solutions to the grand challenges and issues faced by society. Each year, the SRC prepares a proposal on key strategic research themes and priorities to be approved by the Finnish Government. In deciding on the final themes, the Government effectively identifies the most important challenges for society and steers high-quality and long-term research to solve them.

The strategic research themes decided by the Finnish Government thus far are as follows.

Themes decided for 2017 and 2018

  • Changing citizenship – society in a state of global flux (2017)
  • Reform or wither – resources and solutions (2018)

Themes decided for 2016

  • Knowledge, know-how and the changing working life
  • Health and the changing of lifestyles
  • Overall security in a global environment
  • Dynamics of urbanisation

Government press release

Themes decided for 2015

  • Utilisation of disruptive technologies and changing institutions
  • A climate-neutral and resource-scarce society
  • Equality and its promotion

Government press release

The SRC builds its funding programmes and opens funding calls based on the themes decided by the Finnish Government.

SRC programmes for 2018:

  • Adaptation and Resilience for Sustainable Growth
  • Keys to Sustainable Growth

SRC programme in 2017:

  • Changing Society and Active Citizenship

SRC programmes in 2016

  • Skilled Employees – Successful Labour Market
  • Health, Welfare and Lifestyles
  • Security in a Networked World
  • Urbanising Society

SRC programmes in 2015

  • Disruptive Technologies and Changing Institutions
  • A Climate-Neutral and Resource-Scarce Finland
  • Equality in Society

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