Security in a Networked World (SECURITY)

In today’s networked world, states are increasingly interconnected and interdependent not only in the realm of the economy, but also crisis management and security. It follows from this interdependence that in all states, including Finland, internal security and external security are inseparably interwoven.

Research under this theme will support efforts to monitor, analyse and predict changes taking place in the security environment and to recognise and respond to new types of security risks. The information gained from this research will strengthen the capacity of the state to perform its core functions, such as securing the existence and operational integrity of the state, enhancing citizens’ security and sense of security, and understanding global security and geopolitical changes (incl. new types of threats related to information networks, information dissemination, cyber security, extremist groups and radicalisation, or pandemics).

The main areas of research focus are the overall security and operational integrity of Finnish society and its ability to tolerate and respond to risks. A major focus is on national security of supply in our energy- and knowledge-intensive, digitalising and globalising society. Other key areas of interest include the interaction between internal and external security, citizens’ experiences of insecurity at different stages of the life cycle, changing values and attitudes, and the impact of these changes on the development of national identity, unanimity and democracy.


Multilayered Borders of Global Security (GLASE)
James Scott, University of Eastern Finland, consortium PI
Laura Assmuth, University of Eastern Finland
Minna Jokela, The Finnish Border Guard
Pauli Kettunen, University of Helsinki
Anssi Paasi, University of Oulu

From Failand to Winland (Winland)
Olli Varis, Aalto University, consortium PI
Burkhard Aufferman, University of Turku
Antti Tuomas Belinskij, University of Eastern Finland
Outi Kuittinen, Demos Helsinki
Mika Marttunen, Finnish Environment Institute
Juha Mäkinen, National Defence University
Sanna Syri, Aalto University
Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen, University of Helsinki

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Professor Riitta Kosonen

Science Adviser Jyrki Hakapää
tel. +358 295 335 020

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