Changing Society and Active Citizenship (CITIZEN)

Citizens’ opportunities to participate in society’s functions and influence the decisions that concern them have changed. The new methods of governance and the changing opportunities for citizen participation create a need to assess how and where people can influence matters that concern them. To facilitate this assessment, we need broad expertise and an in-depth understanding of political systems in a global context. The amount and nature of available data are changing. At the same time, there is increasing differentiation in knowledge bases, which may lead to one-sidedness and exclusion.

The SRC Programme Changing Society and Active Citizenship (CITIZEN) sheds light on information needs and the challenges posed by global change to the functioning and stability of the Finnish political system. The research conducted under the programme will identify answers and solutions to respond to the need for greater awareness of political systems in the context of the increasingly international operating environment. The objective is also to foresee changes in a way that improves capabilities for bringing political institutions and citizens closer together, reinforcing engagement in the democratic process as well as increasing mutual trust between demographic groups and confidence in public institutions. The research teams will identify and develop the necessary procedures for reconciling the fast pace of policy-making with the long-term approach required by social reforms.


Tackling Biases and Bubbles in Participation (BIBU)
Anu Kantola, University of Helsinki, consortium PI
Heikki Hiilamo, University of Helsinki, consortium vice PI
Iina Koskinen, Demos Helsinki, responsible for interaction activities
Mika Maliranta, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
Kaarina Nikunen,Tampere University
Pasi Moisio, National Institute for Health and Welfare
Markku Jokisipilä, University of Turku
Tanja Aitamurto, Stanford University

Participation in Long-Term Decision-Making (PALO)
Maija Setälä, University of Turku, consortium PI
Henri Vogt, University of Turku, consortium vice PI, responsible for interaction activities
Kaisa Herne, Tampere University
Juha Hiedanpää, Natural Resources Institute Finland
Lauri Rapeli, Åbo Akademi University

Collaborative Remedies for Fragmented Societies (CORE)
Lasse Peltonen, University of Eastern Finland, consortium PI
Heli Saarikoski, Finnish Environment Institute, consortium vice PI
Maija Faehnle, Finnish Environment Institute, responsible for interaction activities
Nina Helander, Tampere University
Tapio Litmanen, University of Jyväskylä
Pia Polsa, Hanken School of Economics Ismo Pölönen, University of Eastern Finland
Greta Waissi, Linnunmaa Oy

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Programme Director
Research Coordinator, Docent Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki

Science Adviser Pilvi Toppinen
tel. +358 295 335 064

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