Smart Work in a Platform Economy (SWiPE)

Changes in the global economy, as well as the opportunities offered by new technologies and platforms, are changing the dynamics of the economy and the interdependencies between employment and entrepreneurship and skills and education in many ways. The Smart Work in Platform Economy research consortium looks at these changes through multidisciplinary cooperation between the University of Turku and two independent research institutes; ETLA (the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy) and FIOH (the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health).

The research projects examine, among other things, the interdependence of employment and entrepreneurship, university- and science-based entrepreneurship, changes in work brought about by technology and the paths to employment for migrants. The goal is to strengthen knowledge transfer between actors in the field, to deepen cooperation between the research institutes and the university and to generate relevant knowledge to support societal decision-making. New knowledge and research findings are brought out from an early stage to support politicians as well as economic and labour-market decision-makers and experts. Several international experts and institutions are connected to the SWiPE research consortium.

Last modified 13 Sep 2018
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