Occupational Restructuring Challenges Competencies (Polkuja työhön)

Global trends, notably technological change and offshoring, are reshaping occupational structures. The competence-related consequences of occupational restructuring are politically highly relevant, but not well understood. Our research will unveil the consequences for school choices, educational qualifications and ICT skill requirement of young people. It will explore the changes needed in support of skill acquisition and renewal inside and outside working life: in general adult education, in active labour market policies, as well as in institutional arrangements like vocational rehabilitation.

However, it is not enough to produce empirical evidence on how occupational restructuring challenges present and future skill requirements in working life. We also intend to communicate our findings to key stakeholders to ensure that the actors in charge of reshaping Finnish working life are provided with accessible and accurate evidence, including concrete solutions, for decision-making.

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Consortium PI
Research Director Rita Asplund
Research Institute of the Finnish Economy

Last modified 13 Sep 2018
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