Supplementary call to open for Keys to Sustainable Growth SRC programme

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) has decided to open a supplementary call for the SRC programme Keys to Sustainable Growth. The SRC’s aim is to augment the programmatic content of the strategic research theme Reform or Wither – Resources and Solutions. The SRC has launched two programmes under the theme, and the consortia selected to those programmes in autumn 2017 address adaptation to global changes in society or the environment as well as education as a basis for sustainable growth. The SRC is an independent funding body attached to the Academy of Finland.

The supplementary call is designed to seek out research that will address facilitating sustainable growth by means of economic activity. The SRC seeks to support and enable the renewal of services and products of Finnish companies and organisations in ways that support sustainable development. Research of this type was not included in the Keys to Sustainable Growth programme call last year. To further support science renewal and increase the societal impact of research, the SRC requires that the consortia to be funded through the supplementary call utilise innovative, multidisciplinary approaches.

SRC Chair Per Mickwitz said: “We want to find consortia that bring a new mix of expertise to the table. For example, a consortium could combine research in engineering and the humanities to comprehensively address the dimensions and phenomena related to the chosen research theme.”

The objectives of the supplementary call also entail a re-examination of interaction activities. The call will enable a multifaceted analysis of the economic system and the resources and institutions of economic actors. This means that applicants will have to expand their collaboration networks: for instance, they will need to consider how to commit economic actors to their projects so that it will benefit the whole business sector.

“The supplementary call is designed to fund research to identify opportunities for sustainable growth, analyse preconditions of and obstacles to renewal, and enable the development of products and services that contribute to sustainable growth,” Mickwitz said.

The supplementary call is based on the Finnish Government’s decision (October 2016) on strategic research themes for 2018. According to the decision, underlying all of the research projects eligible for funding must be the objectives of harnessing scientific knowledge in decision-making and achieving sustainable growth.

Applications for the supplementary call are submitted by research consortia. To be eligible, a consortium must include at least three subprojects, two organisations and three research fields. The research and interaction activities are presented in the form of work packages. Particular attention must be paid to interlinkages between the work packages and to the added value of the consortium structure. In addition, applicants must thoroughly describe the consortium’s results and expected impact.

The call text of the supplementary call will be published in late January 2018. The call has two stages. The first call stage is set to open in April. The SRC will make the funding decisions in late 2018 and the funding periods will start at the beginning of 2019.


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Last modified 1 Dec 2017
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