Propose new Academy Programmes or strategic research themes

The Academy of Finland and the Strategic Research Council (SRC) are inviting proposals for new Academy Programmes and strategic research themes for the year 2019. Proposals can be submitted via an open online survey during November 2017. Through the survey, members of the scientific community and other end-users of research knowledge across society can have their say and participate in the formation of topics for Academy Programmes and themes for SRC programmes.

Respondents may submit more than one proposal. This year, respondents can also comment on proposals submitted by others. It is hoped that this will encourage interaction between respondents and open up new perspectives. The aim of the survey is to seek out themes and topics that are of a greater scope than those addressed in individual research projects and that respond to needs of scientific and societal renewal.

Arja Kallio, Director of the Academy Programme Unit, is keen to emphasise the significance of Academy Programmes in terms of science renewal: “Last year, we received 256 proposals for new Academy Programmes. In general, the proposals described how research in a given field should be reformed, for example through new methods or novel approaches. Ideally, proposals for new Academy Programmes should also describe how a research field or topic could benefit from international collaboration. After all, Academy Programmes serve as platforms for international cooperation. The underlying idea is that international collaboration contributes to improving the overall quality of Finnish research.”

Jussi Vauhkonen, Director of the Strategic Research Unit, in turn highlights the need to further reinforce informed policy-making: The objective of the SRC is to expand and improve the knowledge base based on scientific evidence to support policy-makers in both the public and private sectors. Another aim is to improve the efficiency of the interaction between those who produce new knowledge and those who use it. The SRC highly values any feedback that can elucidate the information needs that concern Finnish society at large and that can support the process of forming new strategic research themes.

Read more and submit your proposal here.


  • Academy Programmes: Jaana Roos, Senior Science Adviser
  • Strategic research: Tiina Jokela, Senior Science Adviser
  • Technical support: Tiina Salo, Project Officer

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Last modified 2 Nov 2017
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