Review criteria

The Academy of Finland uses the following criteria in the review of applications

Our funding decisions are based on a review of the scientific merits of research plans, action plans and applicants. The following criteria are used when reviewing scientific merits:

  • scientific quality, innovativeness and novelty of the research plan
  • scientific impact of the research
  • competence of the applicant/the research team
  • feasibility of the research plan
  • quality and strengthening of the research environment
  • international and national research collaborations, researcher mobility
  • project’s significance for the promotion of professional research careers

In principle, the projects we fund must benefit Finnish research and society or international collaboration.

Ambitious research projects that aim at achieving new breakthroughs always carry a risk of failure. However, in the review of applications and in preparing funding decisions, this will not prevent applicants from receiving funding. While being aware of the risks involved, our aim is to open up opportunities for scientific breakthroughs and to enhance the renewal and regeneration of science and research.

In some cases, we may for justified reasons decide not to review an application. An application may be turned down if it is justifiable in accordance with the Finnish Administrative Procedure Act. The grounds applicable in these cases are as follows:

  • The application is substantially incomplete even after a request for supplementary information.
  • The applicant or the application does not meet the competence or other key requirements set for the call.
  • The application concerns a purpose for which we do not grant funding.
  • The application does not fall within the scope of the call.
  • The application submitted within an Academy Programme call does not fall within the scope of the programme.
  • The applicant has in the same application round submitted more than one application for one or several of the following schemes: funding for research post as Academy Research Fellow, funding for research post as Postdoctoral Researcher or Academy Project funding. In this case, we will only review the first application to arrive.
  • A researcher from a Centre of Excellence (CoE) applies for Academy Project funding during the first three years of CoE funding period.
  • The applicant has not submitted a report on an ongoing or completed Academy-funded research project.
  • It is clearly evident that, for some other reason, the applicant will not be eligible for funding on the basis of the submitted application.
Last modified 6 Oct 2016
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