How applications are reviewed

The Academy of Finland allocates funding to:

  • the best researchers and research teams
  • the most promising young researchers.

The funding is allocated on a competitive basis, supporting researchers in carrying out scientifically ambitious projects. High-level international peer review is our key tool for identifying the best and most promising research projects.

For applications for multi-year funding, we usually request a written review report by an expert panel or at least two written reviews by external experts who are esteemed researchers in their field. The panel drafts one review report on each application. This procedure applies to the following funding schemes: Academy Project funding, funding for research post as Postdoctoral Researcher, Academy Programmes (second call stage), funding for research post as Academy Research Fellow, and funding for research post as Academy Professor (second call stage).

Based on the presentation by the presenting official, the final funding decisions are made by

  • our research councils
  • the Strategic Research Council
  • the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee
  • our subcommittees.

The presenting official is usually a science adviser or programme manager at the Academy. The decisions are primarily based on the review of the scientific merits of the research plan and the applicant, but also on other policy objectives of the Academy. The number of projects funded and the amount of funding depend on the budgets available.

How applications are processed and reviewed depends on whether they are submitted in a one-stage or two-stage call. For example, the call for Academy Project applications is one-stage, whereas most Academy Programme calls are two-stage.

Last modified 20 Oct 2016
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