The Academy of Finland opened two FIRI funding calls in April 1st 2021: a call for roadmap research infrastructures and projects affiliated with international research infrastructures where Finland is a member (tentative name ‘FIRI 2021 Roadmap’) and a call for research infrastructures not included in the roadmap (‘FIRI 2021 Non-Roadmap’).

The Academy organised an online info session about the call on 3 March 2021 at 13.30–15.30. Presentation material.

Please note! Supplementary answer to question about salary costs asked during the event: Funding may be granted for essential salary costs. In addition, salary funding may be granted for the coordination costs of the node to cover up to one FTE/year applied for.

Implementation of strategy for Finnish research Infrastructures launched, first policies published (Academy of Finland news, 7 September 2020)

Big funding boost for research infrastructures to strengthen cooperation with business sector (Academy of Finland press release, 1 December 2020)

The roadmap for national infrastructures in Finland 2021–2024 will be drawn up during 2020.

29 high-level infrastructures selected to Finland’s national research infrastructure roadmap (Academy of Finland press release, 11 December 2020)

ESFRI publishes Roadmap 2021 guide as part of roadmap update process. Read more about the roadmap guide.

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