National research infrastructures 2021

The national research infrastructures supported with RRF funding were selected in a funding call opened in 2021. Among the selection criteria were the impacts on sustainable development, the green transition and digitalisation. Read more in the press release.

Below are examples of the funded research infrastructures. See also the complete list of supported research infrastructures.

  • INAR RI is an umbrella infrastructure that coordinates Finland’s participation in four European infrastructures within environmental research: ICOS, ACTRIS, eLTER and AnaEE. INAR RI consists of 30 measurement stations, several laboratories and mobile units and two data infrastructures. INAR RI integrates multidisciplinary and ongoing environmental observations. The funded project will respond to societal challenges concerning environmental sustainability and climate change by focusing on improving the existing infrastructure for the further determination of carbon sinks and related climate impacts. INAR RI involves the University of Helsinki, CSC – IT Centre for Science, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the University of Eastern Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland, the University of Oulu, the Finnish Environment Institute, Tampere University, the University of Turku and a wide collaborative network of national and international actors.
  • The FOODNUTRI research infrastructure will contribute to the implementation of the EU’s Food 2030 policy, taking into account the Finnish government’s vision: “In 2030, Finnish consumers eat tasty, healthy and safe Finnish food that has been produced sustainably and ethically.” FOODNUTRI will produce innovative solutions, diversely utilising Finnish raw materials as well as novel technical solutions for processing and packaging, and also producing information on the composition, structure and safety of food products and their ingredients, physiological responses to food, consumer attitudes, food consumption, nutrient intake and the sustainability of food choices. FOODNUTRI will serve researchers, businesses, authorities, healthcare professionals, farmers and other stakeholders. The background organisations include the University of Helsinki, the University of Eastern Finland, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Finnish Food Authority, the Finnish Environment Institute, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the University of Turku and wide national and international network of collaborators.
  • FiQCI: The Finnish Quantum Computing Infrastructure (FiQCI) offers an open quantum computing environment that serves Finland’s national field of research and development. Quantum computers enable the solving of computational problems permanently beyond the reach of classical computers and can therefore significantly increase the impact of research. Quantum computing is expected to revolutionise a number of scientific disciplines. Many of the greatest challenges of our time, from accurate modelling of complex meteorological systems to optimising resource use and developing new, more sustainable materials, could be met with the computing capacity promised by quantum computers. But in order to achieve this capacity, quantum computers need tailored quantum algorithms and software, the successful development of which requires that researchers have access to a sufficiently mature quantum computing infrastructure. The organisations involved in developing the FiQCI infrastructure are VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Aalto University, CSC – IT Centre for Science and other Finnish and foreign collaborators.

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