Key areas of green and digital transition 2022

The research projects on the green and digital transition supported with RRF funding were selected in a funding call opened in 2022. Read more in the press release.

Below are examples of the funded projects. See also the complete list of supported research projects.

  • Christopher Raymond (University of Helsinki) heads a consortium that combines mobility modelling, participatory mapping and transformative governance methods. The aim is to enable transport mode shifts from car use to more sustainable options. In keeping with Finland’s national Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), the project will generate new knowledge about how people live in urban settings and how this local knowledge can be combined with urban policy, law and planning practice to enable rapid transformations towards carbon neutrality and climate resilience.
  • Ari Seppälä (Aalto University) heads a consortium that studies what environmental, economic and energy efficiency effects can be achieved by optimising energy systems through the use of novel materials. The research makes use of artificial intelligence. A major current challenge for utilising renewable energy resources is their intermittency in time, causing gaps between supply and demand. Efficient energy storages play a key role in resolving this problem.

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