Novel Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Physical Sciences and Engineering Research (AIPSE)

Watch this video to find out how artificial intelligence is used in three research fields.

The AIPSE Academy Programme coordinates a group of projects funded both under the AIPSE programme call and under the Academy of Finland’s ICT 2023 call "Computation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence". 

Different types of data-driven methods are continuing to gain in importance in research, administration and industry. This development owes much to progress in such areas as machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, data mining and computational and software-based database technology; the much-expanded availability of training materials; and the rapid growth of computing power.

Methods developed in AI research have broad potential application in the science context, and particularly in new lines of multidisciplinary research. The main goal and ambition of the Academy Programme for Novel Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Physical Sciences and Engineering Research (AIPSE) is to deepen and broaden AI research expertise within these disciplines.

The programme’s primary objective is to

  • produce scientific breakthroughs in projects that combine high-level AI research with high-level physical sciences or engineering research and in which AI plays a central role in facilitating the breakthrough either in AI research or in physical sciences or engineering research.

Other aims of the programme are to

  • identify new areas of application and opportunities for research collaboration in physical sciences and engineering
  • promote new kinds of research collaboration and so to regenerate research
  • harness data for productive use and actively utilise open data in the projects funded.

More information

  • Tommi Laitinen, Programme Manager, tel. +358 295 335 057
  • Juha Latikka, Senior Science Adviser, etl. +358 295 335 058
  • Sanna Hytönen, Coordinator, tel. +358 295 335 032

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