Molecular Regulatory Networks of Life (R'Life) 2020–2023

The aim of the Molecular Regulatory Networks of Life Academy Programme (R’Life) is to broaden our understanding of the function and structure of the genome. The programme provides more information on how various mechanisms create links between different parts of the genome and gene networks and how these connections regulate the functions of life. How do individual differences in genomes, for example, affect the ability of the body to adapt to acute and chronic stress? And what then happens inside the organism in terms of its internal molecular mechanisms? How do the mechanisms that regulate the interaction between the genome and environmental factors affect the phenotype?

The R’Life Academy Programme focuses on basic research in order to produce comprehensive key information on the networks that regulate the function of cells, tissues and individuals. Such comprehensive knowledge can be built by combining new molecular biology and bioinformatics tools. The study of regulatory networks is made possible by significant advances in genome-wide research methods that delve into different layers of information. The R’Life Academy Programme encourages and promotes the adoption of both new research methods and new scientific approaches across the Finnish research community and thereby contributes significantly to renewal in these disciplines. The programme’s consortia enable close cooperation between researchers of different disciplines, which makes it possible to explore new perspectives and, through a broader study of phenomena, achieve scientific breakthroughs in fundamental questions of biology. Another aim is to call attention to the opportunities presented by existing research infrastructures.

More information

  • Heikki Vilen, Programme Manager, tel.. +358 295 335 135
  • Sara Illman, Programme Manager, tel. +358 295 335 119
  • Tiina Neuvonen, Coordinator, tel. +358 295 335 076

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