Research and interaction plan in SRC call for letters of intent

To ensure the uniformity and quality of the review process, applications must be comparable. Applications should therefore be drafted following the guidelines provided.

The research and interaction plan should be six pages long (Times New Roman 12 pt) including a bibliography. The plan does not need to have a cover page.

When drafting the research and interaction plan, please take into account that it will be reviewed by both Finnish and foreign experts from various fields and scientific disciplines. Hence, the plan must be written in English. The plan must be drafted according to the structure and headings provided below. The promotion of responsible science must be integrated in the letter of intent.

Letter of intent: Page structure of research and interaction plan (maximum 6 pages in total)

1. Central idea of project and objective for societal impact (1–2 pages)

Describe the central idea of the research and the purpose of the project by answering programme questions A–E. The answers should explicitly demonstrate

  • the challenge to be solved
  • the scientific and societal objectives of the research
  • the expected societal impact of the research.

2. Implementation of research (1–2 pages)

    Divide the implementation of the research and interaction into work packages (WPs). We recommend that you devote a separate WP for interaction activities. The leader of that WP will act as the interaction coordinator for the whole consortium. The consortium’s management and coordination may also be divided into WPs. A WP may be implemented by people from several scientific disciplines and sites of research. Describe the WPs so that the descriptions show

    • the theoretical background and how the project is positioned in the scientific domain (at least three research fields); how the consortium justifies its methodological decisions; what research is needed
    • the implementation and benefits of multidisciplinary research; how the multidisciplinary approach will contribute to renewing previous research in both a Finnish and international context
    • the research methods, design and data; how the consortium justifies its methodological choices
    • how the research will be implemented
    • the interlinkages (added value of the consortium) and distribution of work between WPs
    • the expected results and impact
    • how the research plan promotes responsible science (Research ethics, Equality and non-discrimination, Open science, Sustainable development)

    3. Interaction (1 page)

    In the interaction plan, describe the goals, means, stakeholders and implementation of the interaction activities. Make sure that the description of stakeholders is realistic. The description should show

    • with whom, why and how the consortium will collaborate to seek out solutions
    • how the interaction partners benefit from the collaboration.

    In addition, describe the consortium’s competence as regards the promotion of societal impact

    4. Scientific accomplishments, competence of consortium, key literature or bibliography (1 page)

    On the last page of the research and interaction plan, describe the merits and competence of the consortium PI and the WP leaders as well as literature or a bibliography of key importance to the plan.

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