Parts of application, strategic research second call stage

The online application consists of the following parts: 

Personal data/CV

  • Personal details
  • Degrees (most recent one first); parental leaves etc. may be filled in under Additional information
  • Titles of docent and professorships
  • CV appendix following the template structure, no more than two pages 

Consortium parties

  • Subproject PIs (site of research that will receive funds)
  • Details on each party (name, email address, organisation and country)
  • Read the guidelines for SRC consortium applications

SRC Consortium composition

  • Information for the deputy PI, work package leaders and interaction coordinator (name, email, organisation and country)
  • Choose the person’s role from the drop-down menu. If the person is a work package leader, add the number of the work package from the drop-down menu.
  • Read the guidelines for SRC consortium applications

General information

  • Details on the site of research
  • Title of research project in English and Finnish/Swedish
  • Research fields (at least one, no more than five)
  • Keywords in English and Finnish/Swedish 


  • Maximum length 2,500 characters
  • Brief overview of scientific and societal objectives, research methods and data as well as expected results and impact of the research
  • Read more about the Abstract

Research teams

  • The role and members of the team
  • Effective working hours for the team members

Research and interaction plan

Most relevant publications

  • No more than ten of the most important consortium publications for the project
  • You can search for publications in the VIRTA publication information service See the how-to guides for the online services
  • Details on publications may also be entered manually Obligatory information: author(s), title, year of publication, name of series/journal, type of publication (will not show in the PDF version of the application)
  • Subproject PIs may add publications, but the total number of publications for the consortium must not exceed ten
  • Do not use the Publication Forum classification (JUFO)


  • Specify the collaborators of the project (name, organisation, country, the objective/benefit of the collaboration briefly)


  • Enter information on planned national and international mobility within the project, itemised by person
  • Guidelines on the mobility allowance are available in the call text under Funding to be applied for and funding period.
  • Read more about mobility (Academy Projects, Targeted Academy Projects and Academy Programmes)


Other research infrastructures

Ethical aspects

  • Ethical permission for project (yes/no)
  • Found guilty of research misconduct (yes/no)
  • We will not process a funding application if the applicant has been found guilty of research misconduct in the three years preceding the year of the call.
  • The research ethics description is entered under the section on research implementation in the research and interaction plan.
  • Good scientific practice

Funding for the project – Following the Full cost model

  • Funding period, effective working hours, indirect employee costs, overheads percentage and VAT
  • Salaries and other costs
  • Justifications for the funding to be applied for. The cost estimate must be realistic.
  • Consult the administration at your site of research when filling in budget details. Read more about the funding in the call text under Funding to be applied for and funding period.
  • Commitment by site of research. Make sure you have a commitment from your site of research (usually a university or research institute) to  supporting the project. 

Public project description

  • Maximum length 1,000 characters
  • reader-friendly and popular description of the research project in English and Finnish/Swedish
  • The public description helps the Academy to disseminate information on the research project.
  • Read more about the Public description
  • the topic of the research and the rationale
  • the data and research methods to be used (interviews, statistical data, archive materials, etc.)
  • the site of research
  • the significance and objectives of the research from the perspective of society and science
  • any other interesting aspects
  • if relevant, a link to the researcher’s website, if it contains more information on the topic
  • If relevant, references to previous publications that are readily available at public libraries or on the internet. 


  • You can authorise another person to supplement or view your application.
  • Start by entering the person’s name in the field.
  • The person must have set up an account in the Academy’s online services (SARA).
  • You cannot authorise more than one person at a time to edit a field in your application, and you cannot edit that same field while the authorisation is active.
  • Do not authorise yourself.
  • Technical instructions on the authorisation process are available in the how-to guides for the online services.


Append only the requested appendices to the application and make sure to draft them in line with our guidelines. Also make sure not to exceed the maximum lengths indicated in the guidelines. Please name each document or part of a document clearly (e.g. CV [name], Publications [N.N.]) as this makes the reviewers’ work easier. Draft the appendices in English and append them to the application in PDF format under Appendices. An exception is the consortium PI’s and the subproject PIs’ CVs, which are appended under Personal data/CV. Only one CV and one list of publications should be submitted for each person, even if they hold several positions in the consortium. Do not use the Publication Forum classification (JUFO) for the list of publications.


Obligatory appendices


A consortium PI

  • Give a clear title to each page of the document/s (e.g. if the document includes both the CV and the list of publications or information for different people)
  • CV is appended under Personal data/CV, no more than two pages, name following the format [surname]_cv
  • List the ten most important publications, no more than one page (may include a link to a longer list of publications). Name the appendix following the format [surname]_pub.
  • Data management plan: write the plan with help from DMPTuuli or according to the guidelines found on the Academy’s website (1–3 pages)
  • CV for the work package leaders and interaction coordinator (max. two pages each) and a list of ten most important publications (max. one page) in the same document. Name the three-page appendices following the format [surname]_cv_and_pub.
  • CV for the consortium deputy PI (max. two pages) and a list of ten most important publications (max. one page). Name the appendix following the format [surname]_cv_and_pub.

Subproject PI

  • CV is appended under Personal data/CV, no more than two pages. Name the appendix following the format [surname]_cv.
  • List the ten most important publications, no more than one page (may include a link to a longer list of publications). Name the appendix following the format [surname]_pub.

Case-specific appendices

Consortium and/or subproject PI

  • Statement by ethics committee or animal care committee
  • Invitation by foreign university or research institute, if the research or part of it will be conducted abroad; do not append any letters of      recommendation
  • Progress report on all Academy-funded projects headed b the applicant that have not submitted final reports.
  • Letters of commitment from collaborators named in the application
  • Account of state aids received (applies to organisations engaging in economic activity)

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