Letter of intent: Academy Programmes

The plan of intent must not exceed four pages. In the case of consortium applications, the abstract must not exceed six pages. The font is Times New Roman (font size 12 pt, line spacing 1,5 and margins 20 mm).  Bibliographic references must be added directly into the text (Name Year). You cannot use footnotes.

See the How-to guides for the online services on our website for the technical process.

Applicant and project details

  • Title of research project
  • Consortium abbreviation (if the application is a consortium application)
  • Name of consortium PI/applicant, site of research
  • Names of subproject PIs, sites of research (if the application is a consortium application)

Central idea of the research

  • Background and objectives
  • Expected results and scientific impact
  • Breakthrough potential (scientific renewal)
  • Societal effects and impact
  • Justifications for how the research project matches the Academy Programme and its objectives


  • Implementation and schedule
  • Most important research methods applied in the project
  • Description of research team
  • National and international cooperation


Append the plan of intent to the application in the online services. Name the attachment file as follows: yoursurname_intent.



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